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WICOMM Construction

Specializing in Wireless Construction

Divisions dedicated to Commercial & Public Works Sectors 

WICOMM Construction assists in your construction projects.
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Wireless Construction Services

Complete communication sites.

From raw land to the simple task of installing an additional antenna. 

Wicomm Construction has a wide range of services for your building and wireless needs. Wireless services include site design assistance, site civil development, tower erection and structural modifications to name a few. With our commercial and public works services, trust our team to handle your structural foundations, steel building manufacturing and fabrication, installations, metal covers and more.
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Specializing in wireless construction with divisions dedicated to commercial and public works sectors.


Trust Wicomm Construction to hit the mark on all targets. It is our goal to meet all our customers expectations.


Wicomm has the ability to support multiple carriers. We have the expertise to build complete communication sites.


Wicomm Construction delivers results.

At Wicomm Construction, our Principle James Hite has been building communication sites since 2000, with projects ranging in size from $50,000 to $5,000,000. We are constantly training to meet the new needs of customers in building sites, in all climates, and all complexities.

James Hite received his start in the construction industry through his father, an electrician, in 1987. He dedicates his interests solely to the wireless industry, and has built for many carriers in several states ever since.

Communication Sites

Our primary market is communication site construction. We build, maintain and modify communication sites on a daily basis. Site surveys assesses the environment to determine wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability, and quality of service. Wicomm has the expertise to build complete communication sites from raw land to the simple task of installing an additional antenna. 

communication site construction

Wicomm Construction is one of California, Washington and Oregon’s premier communication contractors.

We support multiple carriers with our goal of meeting project deadlines and maintaining consistent quality.

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